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Bucking trendiness for classic beauty, Sonia works for looks that are pretty, fresh, and glamorous! Her mission is to educate women on their beauty rights: to feel beautiful, to be confident, and to know what the hell to do with all those makeup brushes.

Sonia’s gotten up close and personal with an impressive (and ever growing) list of clients. From Linda Evangalista to Vanessa Williams, Betty White, Elton John, Lenny Kravitz and more. Celebrities and stars with a strong sense of style know to call Sonia when in Chicago.

Be careful (Madonna learned the hard way) Sonia books up fast!

When Sonia is booked, she has assembled some of the most talented makeup artists and hairstylists in Chicago to help brides look their best. She only hires the best to take care of her bridal clients. With 18 years in the wedding industry,  Sonia makes sure brides love their looks.