Have you ever wanted to wear your mom's wedding dress but didn't know how to pull it off? Today, I have a special treat for you.

We had the pleasure of doing Betsy's wedding makeup and when I got the photos back I knew I had to show all of you. Our makeup artist, Sami, really kept her makeup perfect for all the details she had on her wedding day! Makeup should be a part of the look, not center stage. Especially in this instance. :)

I hope you enjoy the interview.

    How did you and your husband meet? 
    We met doing an event called Chiditarod on a team organized by a mutual friend. Chiditarod raises money and food donations for Greater Chicago Food Depository and a grant program for hunger-related community organizations in Chicago. It's a little hard to describe (the website does it better than I can:, but you have a team, make costumes and decorate a shopping cart with a theme, then participate in a sort-of race through the Bucktown/ Wicker Park/ West Town area.


    Your dress was stunning Can you tell us about it?

    Thank you! The dress is a family heirloom, and it was very special for me to be able to wear it. It was made for my (maternal) grandmother for her wedding in 1951 by a local dressmaker in Oxford, Ohio.

    The dressmaker developed the design based on a drawing that my grandmother found in a bridal fashion magazine. My mom also wore the dress for her wedding in 1975. The dress had been preserved and stored well, so it was in pretty good shape, but did need some repairs to the lace and alterations to fit me. 

    I worked with Nikki at Alva Graciano Tailors in Lincoln Park, who did an amazing job on it. My parents and grandparents are still happily married, so we hope it brings us the same luck! 

    I loved your veil, it looks really beautiful in photos too. Where did you get your veil? 
    The veil and headpiece were from Twigs and Honey. 

    Did you have any inspiration for your wedding day?  
    We wanted the wedding to have a classic, vintage style and incorporate elements of our family history. The style inspiration largely came from my engagement ring and the family wedding dress. I really wanted a vintage engagement ring, and Peter found a beautiful one through the Etsy shop of an estate jewelry dealer in Maryland.


    Peter's mom, who passed away shortly after we got engaged, helped him pick it out. To carry that style through our day, we thought that Salvatore's was a perfect venue. It is in our neighborhood and has a great classic Chicago style and vintage decor. I also incorporated a bow tie motif into the wedding, which fit with the vintage theme and is a nod to my husband who loves bow ties and wears one almost every day.


    Other than marrying your husband what was the most special part of your day? The family heirlooms and history that we incorporated into the day were really special to us.

    In addition to the wedding dress, I also wore a bracelet and ring that had belonged to Peter's mother, and Peter had a pocket square made from a scrap of the material from my dress. We used framed wedding photos of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents as our table numbers. 


    Did you have any hiccups in your day? Something that you can laugh about now? 
    Actually, things went really smoothly. The only hiccup I can think of is that we planned to take Ubers to Salvatore's for the ceremony after taking photos. Our wedding party all made it just fine, but Peter and I had a bit of a delay because the driver couldn't find our location, which was in the park near the zoo. So, we were the last ones there, but we ultimately made it just fine.


    I loved your makeup too. What drew you to Sami as an artist? 
    I started looking at your studio on Steve Koo's recommendation, and I was drawn to Sami because her description of her style and the photos in her portfolio were a great fit for the look I had in mind.

    I don't have a lot of experience with make-up design, but I wanted a classic look with dramatic eyes and a little vintage glam. The photos of her past work were beautiful, and I think the result turned out perfectly for our wedding day! 


    Here are some other fun photos...

    Thank you, Betsey, for allowing us to be a part of your day! I love your wedding photos. I wish you a very happy holiday season!

    Sonia, Sami & Bridgit


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