Hair and makeup for your wedding day is one of the first things that brides usually cut from their wedding budget when their wedding day spending shows the first signs stress. Ouch! 

Before you give up on having an expert hair and makeup team for your wedding day, let me give you some ideas and tips on maybe why you shouldn't cut us from your budget, (or have your cousin do it.) 



I'm a professional makeup artist, so I have the luxury of being able to do my own makeup for special events, right? Wrong. Even us pros get nervous! 

I tend to make an occasional TV appearance and nothing is more nerve wracking when I know I need to look my best. (You know, pacing comes to mind.) On those important days, I usually use someone from my team to jazz me up so I don't feel the pressure. I imagine for you brides it's the same feeling.

I have heard many brides tell me they got "stage fright" when it came to their appearance and applying their wedding day makeup. One even told me a tale of their makeup brushes having a mind of their own (Oh how I can relate to that, even as pro!).  They got so nervous that their makeup needed to be absolutely perfect, they froze up and could't draw a straight line to save their life. 

Leave it to the pros to be there and completely calm. That's what you're paying us for. Be the bride, let us be the makeup artists!

2. Makeup that shows up on camera


I teach a very popular makeup class called: DIY BRIDE:  DO IT YOURSELF WEDDING MAKEUP. One of the things that most students leave class saying is, "Wow, I didn't realize how much makeup you really needed for the camera". Yes you need more than you might think.

Applying makeup for the camera is a tricky little beast and you need to apply it correctly. There is a fine balance of how much product to use vs. how to apply it. Both go hand in hand.  But have no fear if you do want to go it alone, just take a class.

If a class isn't really something you want to do, a professional makeup artist who has had a lot of experience working with all types of digital media will know exactly how much makeup to use to keep you looking fresh in person (while looking absolutely fantastic for your photos). While each bride's request is different, (some like it natural, others like a more dramatic look) each will be done perfectly so that it suits your wedding day theme.

3. Managing Skin Conditions


As a licensed esthetician, this is a big one for me. I'm going to be brutally honest here. The best way I describe the importance of skin is like an artist who paints on a canvas. A painter always preps the canvas so that is is smooth and in perfect condition before she paints. If the canvas is not prepped, the paint will not lay correctly and the application itself makes the job of the painter that much harder. Think of your skin the same way. The healthier your skin, the better the makeup. No matter how skilled a makeup artist is, when we are fighting against bad skin, it's an uphill battle.

I always encourage brides to work with an aesthetician leading to their big day, EVEN if they have great skin. The stresses of wedding planning creates havoc on the skin for some brides, so treating your skin with love in the year of your engagement is key. 90% of my Chicago bride's skin is severely dehydrated, it's just the nature of our climate. Severely dehydrated skin leads to cracking, flaking, overall a bad canvas to paint on. Let us help you get your skin in tip top shape.

If you generally have good skin, a simple monthly facial should be fine and adding a simple facial mask to combat dehydration should be fine. If you have severe skin issues, working with your makeup artist ahead of time is advised. This gives you and the makeup artist time to come up with a plan of attack and make appropriate changes or make product or service recommendations if needed.

If your makeup artist is NOT a licensed esthetician, find an esthetician that you can work with you and report any skin issues to your makeup artist so he or she can determine a plan of action.

I have had 2 hiccups on wedding days in my career and both were a result of brides taking matters into their own hands. Professional makeup artists are here to give you their advice not because we want to sell you something, but because we want to make absolutely sure you are the best version of yourself. When you ignore our advice, you are leaving things to chance. 

When the skin is in good shape, it will result in a GORGEOUS YOU for your wedding day. 

4. Photos last forever


I am a self confessed photo whore. I love photos. I have photos all over my home of my travels, pets, what have you. I may or may not have a complete Pintrest and Instagram obsession. In the day of social media, looking good for the camera is at an all time high. I use to say that photos last a lifetime, but with social media and the Internet, photos will last forever! Kind of scary, huh?

Photography is one of the biggest investments on your wedding day outside of your venue and catering. Looking your absolute best for the camera will make your photos look so much better. I have often wondered why brides spend so much on wedding invitations or favors but then so much less on themselves and how they look on film. While each person has their own priorities for their wedding day, photos last forever.

Working with a great photographer and pulling yourself together like a celebrity will result in drool worthy photos of yourself. Something you will cherish when you are old and gray. When you look back and say "I loved everything about that day".

5. Pampering yourself and your maids on the wedding day


I know as a woman, we are usually the last ones to think about ourselves on this day. Despite some people think of brides as "bridezilla's" I don't think anything could be farther from the truth. Most brides just want to have a "hell of a party" and make sure their guests have a good time. Brides spend so much time trying to please Mom, Grandma, and Mother-in-Laws trying to have the perfect wedding and please everyone in the process. But in all honesty, a bride deserves one thing on the morning of her wedding, a little time to get pampered herself and enjoy BEING a BRIDE! 

Some of the biggest compliments that we get from former brides is how they loved spending the morning with family and friends without the stress of going to a salon. Relish in this moment, have your makeup done, have your hair styled, get ready in the comforts of your hotel or home. 
So we say, dear bride, have this time to be completely selfish. It's OK!

Hope this helps!